When will my employee(s) be registered after I sign them up for the online courses?  

Your employees will be registered within 24-48 hours when paying by credit card and within 24 hours after payment via check is received.

How does online registration work?   

After payment is received, you will receive an email with login information and instructions regarding how to log in and navigate the courseroom.


How long do my employees have to finish the online courses?  

Employees have 45 days to finish the courses from the date of registration by ALT Services.  After 30 days, their account will become inactive and additional charges may apply.

Are online courses self-paced?  

Yes, the employees work at their own pace.

May I purchase one course for numerous employees if they work together?  

No, you need to purchase a course for each employee you wish to receive a certificate.

What is the online Course Pack?  

The Course Pack is all-inclusive and includes seven courses needed to work in a CBRF (all-employee and task-specific training).  You receive the Course Pack for $50 less than the total of all courses separately.