Fire Safety CBRF (virtual) October 29th @ 4:00 PM

$ 95.00

CBRF staff will learn how to prepare themselves to react effectively for staff and residents in fires of different origins and intensities. Participants will be taught to understand the nature of fire, recognize fire hazards, learn about early warning systems, and understand the use of fire extinguishers. They will be taught to focus on the evacuation needs of the residents, follow the CBRF emergency and disaster plan, and how to respond well in an emergency.

Participants must successfully complete this 3-hour training to meet the requirements of DHS 83.20 (2) (b) Fire Safety.  This virtual course is approved by DHS and Wisconsin Community-Based Care and Treatment Training Registry.  After successful completion of this 3-hour course, the participant will be added to the registry.  Cost includes the $20 registry fee.

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